Here is May Jinan, sunny day.

The wind is warm, the sun is shining to the extreme, you seem to be able to see in the clean air, the sun wearing shot down, to arrive to kiss all the places it to. Everything waited, then waited quietly.

Morning rush departure, approaching the gate, I heard Jinan earthy accent came, "the girl, according to a help like it." Turned his head, turned out to be an outing you son, we all armed, travel cap, bag ...... Maybe just go out soon, there is no dust dusty trip, everyone's eyes are shining the light of expectations, a smile conceal joy. I choose the right approach to this group of people met in April, leaving an early morning photo. Under the sun, I see, they have a bunch of behind peony bloom bloom.

From Xinglongshan to the center is a long journey, for people who do not like the car, this period 50 minutes' drive is simply a painful disaster. Fortunately, I like traveling, I like sunny weather, passing a section of the street and saw a strange faces. The sun dance in the air, out of the window of the wind rushing flow through the ear, lifted my face, blowing my mind, that is what they want do not want to feel anything, this feeling, so gentle but deep impress me.

I remember high school bus home squares, heavy rain the night, leaning against the window, watching the rain drops fall from the glass, rain city, washing the lead dust, have a nice quiet, and my heart also followed thrown an SD Through gentle and sad.

Scenery, staged their own story, I had walked from their side, but our fate was just a passing glance. I saw carrying a basket of ladies, wearing a small yellow hat schoolchildren, office workers hurry riding electric cars, the occasional stray cats and dogs, everywhere along the way, they are like new green ...... Like water, from me mortal dies. We met with, but did not meet.

College for almost a year, the biggest gain is to learn to bearish, I always wanted to be everything in the past a lot of care about a lot, whether it is for the opinions of others or on their own have. Thus, it is often because of this speech, this kind of thing, which makes physically and mentally exhausted, confused pain. However, if life had nothing but a meet, then why should we deliberately, why do we care. From that moment on, I've learned that I have the fortune, lost in my life.

This is an encounter in life, I would like to, we gave each other mutual projection under the shadow of the most beautiful, Ye friendship, love worth mentioning, we met to cherish this fate, leaving the relieved smile on each other, this is such a walk in life go-go, who can truly keep, what to change to seize it ......

If you could choose, I wish I could meet their loved one in a long suspension bridge, I accidentally broke his sight, and he came into my life and my heart ... This is certainly the most beautiful met.

Evening by taxi back to school, I still looked out the window, looking at this twilight world under very gentle. A broken broken truck passing, this is nothing special, driving away, I was surprised, and the car actually flowers, full of flowers, children in that small space battle shouting, crowded, that moment, that The car is so bright and moving, in the world Fangfei April, I met a car like flowers, then a deep sense of being touched ......

May departed quietly, as he quietly come. At the end of May, there have touched sentiment, so I wrote them, be this the end of the memorial, this meet began.

Dear friend, let us good in June, continued to meet.