Hibiscus toward dusk fell, but every time fade is to open next more gorgeous, just like the sun rises constantly falling again, Dream beauty pro just like spring to autumn passed; the wheel of the four seasons, is endless. 
, had gone to June is the season of hibiscus flowers open, also is the mother's body is not a good day. 
My mother has nearly 60 years, my father he has been working outside, rarely go home, so I didn't have a father is what taste, but this does not prevent me to grow healthy and happy, during the period of I grow up, mother gave me a lot of comfort and encouragement, and is my mentor growth path. 
"Mom, how do you fill the shoes again." Mother came back from the outside, nuskin with all the tools needed to fill shoes, I know she secretly to make shoes to earn money. Clearly not good of your body, but also go out. I couldn't help to blame her. 
She smiled, "boring at home is boring, I can give home of subsidies is also good." 
When mother said so, heart is always very painful. My home is not a silver spoon in his mouth, my brother died in childhood, now only I such a child, who but I don't have enough ability to feed their families. 
His parents are so big, but it has not been abetted. 
You don't like this in the future ", I graduated from the part-time job can support you." 
Mother kind continued, "children, because I want to go out activities activities to fill the shoes of, don't want to." Mother know my worry, she know that I'm worried about her time. 
The body of the mother's body is sick, long illness, accumulated to cure actually also pretty simple, it is good to have, too, can be in terms of the situation is impossible. 
In my freshman year, actually I don't want to high school to college, the burden of parents is very heavy, very tired. But my parents hope I can get anywhere in the future, don't go their way, working, HKUE ENG or plow. 
Can they ever want to, I want to go what way? 
The next day, the mother's body is becoming more and more bad, I really worry about one day, she went so. 
However, god still let me worry about is true. 
Mother was buried that day is a rainy day, I just kneel in front of the mother's grave, can not consider of the heavy rain, so on my knees. Nearby, there is my one year rare father. His eyes are swollen ah, he didn't cry less. 
It's been a long time since I don't know the taste of loneliness, because accustomed to loneliness, and today there is a kind of lonely feeling, I think this departure from the mother, very terrible, very helpless, suddenly feel that I was the only one person in the world, I'm a little confused, scared, mother, why do I think you go so early, god why so early to your life? For my son this empty thoughts. 
After three years, I have graduated, even married, but there was no mother gratified at I have grown up. 
I think the mother left, can understand people die when helpless and sad, this feeling for a long time have no, she never care about what, just feel very happy, really want to make yourself a warm cage at night. I have nothing in this world, but is bound with a mind. 
Want to find a corner to cry, and then live in their own weaving warm cage, with the silent night, Dream beauty pro to greet the arrival of the dawn.