Am speechless, left and right and where is belong to hon? 
Clearly love, love is not hate is not, who solution my bitterness? 
Embarrassed, bitter for love hong thai travel, the bitter, who flow? 
If love didn't linger, and his heart will never forget. If you don't fear sad love, how can the eye be tears flow. The pain of missing, open time of yes-men, that's me, once a prisoner of love. 
Several, I have your sky floating color, mellow with the time to meet with you. Several, I dream of your shadow, existing the lonely night. You put the memory of that year painted with invisible poison. I like a child, the greedy taste, thought is only a temporary pain, only to find that after the injury, the heart has been you corrosion thousands sores, therapy for it have all The Times. 
Strange city, leave my trace of tears shed. Colorful neon lights, hit me back and forth. That whereas the dim light of night, stumbled across my steps. Because of you. I am familiar with the road not taken, because have you, I put the memory to your city. 
Have you sometimes spermatozoon and the world, that's when you sad tears. Maybe love is too far, far too defiled are difficult to measure the distance between you and me. Maybe love is too deep, deep even fill parting tears. 
The frequent goodbye, shining helpless, scared me, life never so anxious, forgot how to face the day without you. The tears dry, the heart does not follow to dry, hong thai travel like a ghost, you always in my dream from time to time. The fear of the existing your little trace, and missing tide as burst its Banks, flooding. Because not so attached to you, eventually became his cruel punishment. 
The wind, the cycle of the four seasons scenery, blow do not come loose my thoughts. Rain, not over four seasons long, don't walk in the heart of the melancholy. Push away the memory window, growing grass, bushes in the turbulent water. Include your name, age is flowing quietly sad beauty, salty tears, broken heart. 
Maybe love was originally a kind of helpless, helpless, helpless heart. Helpless once, but in the future. Draw couldn't meet your joy, not the tears turned to leave. With the night's lonely, only the same dream, vaguely and your shadows. 
Our love also is in, you can't always give me the answer, keep the vague promise that your sentence and my heart feel very tired. Always think that love hello difficult, love after just know, give up the love really difficult. Persistent in the world of mortals the lamp that acacia, point in the afterlife intersection, let the heart no longer lost. 
West fall went burning red and blue, crescent such as hook hangs a lonely white, the silence of the strong can't cover up the pain of missing. Dream memories and the world of mortals, Dream beauty pro poignant into poetry. I borrow over his lips cool breeze, shallow ask you thousands times, if not love, please let go of your hand, give it a chance to live, don't make love with a suit also not clear debt, advising the...