The journey of life is often not climbing, many successful, go through numerous climbing. Despite repeated setbacks, the way of life themselves. Series of difficulties, but I think as long as you are not afraid of difficulties Hardy to test, so, we can see the glory of the peak. 
When I was in first grade, Dream beauty pro are often tested three percentage, always take the first in the class, the in the mind is always happy, mom and dad are praised me. But after a while, I moved, so I want to transfer to the school, I have answers into the exam hall, after the test, I said to mother: sure, must be on the test. But the exam results come out, but I failed, my father gave me a meal, Dream beauty pro or to find the rare talent, and went in, then I have to that school is very bad. 
In that class, I study not good, through the efforts of the I, day after day, also became a good student in the class. 
So it is with many hero? The famous musician Beethoven was living in a hard life. Because of the influence of the father, she fell in love with music. Beethoven was very sympathetic to toiling masses. He is determined to use music to tell toiling masses of the hardships of life. But difficult for everybody alike. When his art into something, confidence one hundred times, unfortunately fell on him, he got chronic otitis media. In the face of this sudden blow, Beethoven did not flinch, but continued his creation. Disease, the fatigue of the work. Worsen his otitis media and hearing is getting worse. But he was in such a harsh conditions to create the world famous "destiny symphony". His frustration in front of perseverance and optimism, don't worthy of our admiration and learning? 
In the future, I must to Beethoven life such as the strong learning, meet with difficulties, don't bend, don't retreat, in order to ideals, to bright, tough climb, nu skin hong kong toward a glorious peak. 
I believe that as long as there is faith, perseverance, hard climbing, success will be more and more near to us!