Audio is beginning to play an increasingly important role in how consumers connect with information, thanks to the popularity of podcasts and other short-form audio programming, improvements in voice technologies, and the growing consumer adoption of smart home devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Today, a company called Audioburst is unveiling a new search engine designed to connect you to the information found in audio content from podcasts and programs aired on the radio.
  Tel Aviv-based Audioburst, which also has staff in New York and palo Alto, has been developing its technology for an audio search engine and content library over the past two years.

  The idea is that much of the information arising from daily news programs or topical podcasts – or even TV news – is not available in an organized, searchable fashion. It’s broadcast over the radio, and then it largely disappears; or it’s only heard by those who subscribe and then listen to a particular episode of a podcast series, for example.

  The larger goal is to make this sort of audio content available across platforms – including from Audioburst’s own search engine; major search engines like Google and Bing; from smart assistant apps, like Google Assistant; and from voice platforms like the Alexa-powered Echo speakers and Google Home.

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  Audioburst had previously rolled out its Google Assistant integration, its “News Feed” skill for smart devices, and developer ApI. Now, the company is unveiling Audioburst Search, a web and mobile-optimized search engine that helps you find, discover, and listen to audio news.

  The product works by ingesting audio content from a number of sources. In some cases, Audioburst is proactively scouring the web for available live streams to import. However, the company is largely focused on partnership deals with radio stations, radio programs, and podcasters. It’s also starting to venture into the TV space, with plans to index TV news, and is chatting with a small handful of auto manufacturers about integrating Audioburst into their own in-car entertainment systems.

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  To make audio content searchable, the company pulls in millions of audio segments daily from now over 1,000 sources. While it’s not disclosing a full list of partners, if you look in its search results, you’ll find that it’s indexing the likes of Bloomberg Radio and some Fox radio programs, numerous radio stations, as well as a lot of podcasts, particularly in the tech space.