Start a Draft and Dont Count the Words,The biggest mistake that most students make when they start writing a personal statement is that they worry about the character counter too much. Even though most personal statements have a requirement of 4,000 characters, we are advising everyone to not look at the character counter before they are finished with the draft. Simply express yourself and fill up the remaining characters after the draft is finished.
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  patience is Key,Since most personal statements require students to tackle private matters, its always better to simply take your time. Wait for a good idea and only after that you can start writing a great looking personal statement. Theres no need to rush.
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  Focus On Character Traits,The best thing that someone who starts writing a personal statement can do is to focus on their best character traits. Just think of the personal statement as a way to basically sell yourself to the university of scholarship. You wouldnt undersell yourself, right?overseas scholarships
  Dont Lie,Even though introducing a couple of white lies here and there might seem like a great idea, its actually not. The university might catch onto the lie and once that happens, your chances of getting in will instantly drop to 0 percent. Its always better to be honest.
  proofreading is Key,We cant stress enough just how important proofreading the personal statement can be. This essay is an essential part of your university or scholarship applicants and you want it to be perfect from a grammatical point of view. A good idea here is to get someone else to proofread the personal statement.
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